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It was exactly 11.43pm,i was going through my face book page and about to retire to bed when a post struck my attention .ordinarily i tried so much to ignore discussing about it but the more i tried to dislodge it ,the more it is appeals to a greater part of my conscience.
it is indeed so sad to see how the urhobo youths make mockery of reason because of their selfish interest and party affiliation ,it is glaring that their greed in time past has pitched them against each other in their quest to give proper representation to the urhobo nation.
i still find it inexplicable why different urhobo youth groups will resort to watching their dirty linen in the public.
There can only be one reason for this; the various groups claiming to represent the interest of urhobo nation are fake abnitio, the formation of this groups were borne out of  the desire to enrich themselves at the instance of the urhobo nation.
I cry for my beloved ethnic group when i see  jobless youths that are not even qualify to represent their family claiming to be leaders of the urhobo nation.the resultant effect is what we experience on social media everyday,a war of claims and counter claims.
How else would you explain the mentality of an urhobo youth who made a comment to the effect that he supports the candidature of an Igbo man in Delta state to that of a fellow urhobo man.what a skewed mentality.
I said it before and let me reinstate it that the urhobos suffered so much under president Goodluck Jonathan administration,under him no urhobo man was appointed a minister and even when he finally did at the tail end of his administration his choice was another disaster that we will not forget in a hurry.
I want to state categorically that the urhobos have no ill feelings as regard the appointments made so far by PMB, what we simply ask for is that the Delta north has gotten a fair share of political is only equitable and in line with the principles of federal character for an urhoboman to be apointed a minister.
It is shameful that our greed,disunity and pull him down syndrome has made us politically irrelevant in a state were we control absolute majority. I am aware that the reason why we have not been given any ministerial position is the amount of petition by urhobos against themselves in a bid to get a ministerial slot.I was also aware that at a time Chief Oghenovo Omene,a man with an impeccable pedigree was being considered for a ministerial slot but was also moved against by these agents of retrogression.
let me state clearly that unless we put politics and bitterness aside we will continue to be a second class citizen in our own is on record that since Nigeria  political history no urhobo man has been appointed as minister of petroleum even when we are blessed with abundant oil and gas that sustain this political entity called Nigeria.
Few weeks ago i made a clarion call on Mr President to do the following for the urhobo nation;
1. To appoint an urhobo man as minister of petroleum
2. To resuscitate the Delta steel company aladja
3  To bring back sapele ports.
4. To dualise the amukpe -asaba expressway.
5. To revisit the ogidigben gas project with a view of making us an equal partner in its memorandum of undastanding with the ijaw and itsekiri ethnic nationalities.
we believe this request are simple and attainable,am confident that Mr President will not faulter on this;i thank u all.
long live urhobo nation
long live Delta state
long live the federal republic of Nigeria
Sanco Ese
President General
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