Happy Birthday Mrs. Ebiakp Eniekebi Singer.

It is yet another year of glorious celebration of many more years. We wish to register our sincere thanks to the Almighty God for adding another wonder years to Mrs. Ebiakp Eniekebi Singer, the mama of the universe.

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A woman with the heart of a queen, she carries everyone along irrespective of your religion, tribe or color. She is a woman with the heart of Gold. She carries you like her own, so caring and supportive. We pray may the lord continue to bless her, protect her and do for her those things that she cannot do for yourself in Jesus name Amen.
Happy Birthday Mrs. Ebiakp Eniekebi Singer.

Omajemite Don
Aghoghovbia Stanley
Grace Omajemite
Joyc Itarobo

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Mrs.Ebiakp Eniekebi Singer.
Mrs. Ebiakp Eniekebi Singer.

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