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Ogboru, O’tega, Osoibe, Omo-Agege Missing?



Urhobo culture

Yesterday was one of the greatest event in the history of Urhobo Nation set aside to mark and honored Our Culture. So painfully, great Sons of Urhobo Nation of which we hold in high esteem were missing. By implications, they don’t have the interest of the Urhobo Nation at heart.I see no reason why those personalities were absent. It seems their own interests are more relevant to them, to that of Urhobo Nation. yesterday the majority of Urhobo Sons was conducting their inauguration at various places.
Olorogun O’tega Emerhor Still Behave Like an Infant
what is wrong if they decides to honor our Culture by fixing their political activities for another day?. Tomorrow we will complain that some group has highjack UPU, why won’t they highjack UPU?, when we can’t foregone our personal interest. Urhobo unity and development must be our personal interest.

Those who send representative have the interest of Urhobo and they are far better than those who refuse to send. sending representatives is not enough. their presence also matters.

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You are beating the War Drum, UDUF Ask the ITSEKIRI Nation to Stay Clear from Urhobo Land

The truth must be told, We must call black, black and call White, White. What is good is good and what is bad is bad
I want to use this medium to beg those who miss out to Apologize to Urhobo Sons and Daughters at large.

Omajemite Don
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