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How Barr. Fred Latimore had Insulted Ibori with all available means



Barr. Fred Latimore and Chief James Onafe Ibori


If I were in the position of Ibori I will quietly respect myself and quit politics for the sake of self respect, dignity and to preserved my reputation. Reputation they say is of more valued than money and wealth. Despite the insults and molestation received by Ibori from Okowa EA, he has never learnt anything. It seems Ibori is after the money or he has lost his Power of godfatherism.

These words are used on Ibori by EA man.

I will end Ibori Career with my office.

Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa does not need IBORI input to win the 2019 governorship election. According to him, He said IBORI was in London ( prison) when Okowa won the 2015  governorship election and said with or without Ibori contribution Okowa will still win. (Whistleblowers)

By implication Ibori is of no use to Okowa and Okowa can win without Ibori.

Ex Governor Ibori don’t deserve any form of consultation or input in the day to day running of the state as the governor is only performing his constitutional duties. (Whistleblowers)

By implication of the above Ibori was rubbish, and it means that Ibori has lost his ground as a political godfather to Okowa. OKowa using Barr, Fred Latimore technically to tell Ibori to disease from his role as a political godfather cause his input is no longer needed for Okowa to win.

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Barr. Fred Latimore and Chief James Onafe Ibori governorship election

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