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Nemesis at work: Oh, what a Pity Barr. Fred Latimore, who will you choose OKOWA OR BUHARI?



Nemesis at work: Oh, what a Pity Barr. Fred Latimore, who will you choose OKOWA OR BUHARI?

By Omajemite Don

It is no longer a news that Barr. Fred Latimore a disloyal servant of Chief O’tega Emperor has been appointed as the chairman, the Nigeria institution of transport technology (NITT). The truth still remains that Chief O’tega Emerhor had a good plan for his disloyal servant who is after money.

Barr. Fred Latimore has lost his senses of reasoning to sense what is before him. He still went on air with all his jobless media Facebook post sharer appointees, celebrating the appointment, instead of him to hide in Shane and shame, yet he is celebrating. God has his own way of punishing those who are selfish and self-centered. The means to punish and disgrace Barr. Fred Latimore is here. Since He is after money and not reputation, I think the shameless he goat (Barr. Fred Latimore) will dump Okowa and Join Buhari.

The but between dumping Okowa for Buhari has a very big question mark which will be His forever nightmare till he ends His political career and thus serving as a lesson to all political prostitution. Patience they say is Gold. lack of Patience has put Barr. Fred Latimore in a state of dilemma and he will forever regret this dilemma that is before him.

Soft Life property

Oh Barr. Fred Latimore I really felt for you. Tears run from my eyes for you as a result of your lack of patience and selfishness. What can you do now that you are in a state of no return.I know you are in a state of coma contemplating either to dump Okowa or join Buhari.

APC front burners, the likes of ESE Sanco, Hon Billy and others at large will never let you be. Oh, what a Pity that you want to reap in place you never sow.
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