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Prince agaga Christopher

First of all i would love to inform Nigerians to thank God for giving us aan impeccable integrity and whose believe on zero tolerance to corruption is unquestionable.

Our President who i nicked named “MR. PERFECTION “, is a gift to everyone of us time of coming into office is always an Era when some wicked minded Nigerians Loots the country seriously dry to a state of turn it to country sick of Economic kwashioko and wich best required the co-oporation of every Nigerians to without any form of reservations to ursher into the system of governance a massive contribution of both ideas/innovations and in unity display a perfect/honest sense of participatory involvement in the implementation and enforcement of all sincere plans and policies so formulated.

In addition,i please want to inform Nigerians that Mohammadu Buhari was never the President of Nigeria when almost all the government structures on ground were comatos and its state of decay was almost stinking.

The only unfortunate sin of President Muhammadu Buhari is that the real state of the country’s Economy was mysterously hidden from the ordinary eyes which infact was far deficient from the supposed realities the APC based their campaign manifestoes upon throughout the election period.I am very sure that the shock of the massive destructions made on the Nigerian Economy by the previous federal government is still critical concerned on the health of President Muhammadu Buhari.But i am confident that by the grace of God the acquired problems shall be wiped out by God.

From the brocast of Mr.President today,i believe that he is very much prepared to recieve from Nigerians sincere and well articulated suggestions and supports to move the country forward and through a fast pace.

Based on the above,i am with due respect writing to suggest to MR. PRESIDENT some few changes he may need to apply to make some progress in the country.The suggestions are the immediate appointment of

1.Special Advisers and Special Assistants on the following:-
(a) Each of the Ministeries and Agencies.
(b) Each of the Regulatory and Enforcement bodies.

2. Presidential Liaison Officers on;-
(a)North East.
(b)North West.
(c) North Central.
(d) South West.
(e) South South.
(f) South East.

3. Centralise and expand the Presidential Media structure to make the President have a perfect day to day records and exposure to all the activities which had Presidential approvals across the 36 States including the Federal Capital Territory.

All the above shall be the practical eyes,minds,legs,hands and above all mouth revealing piece of the President.

It is my hope that this suggestions will be looked into by our President who i call “MR. PERFECTION” inorder to atleast force into the system some acts of Perfections in government as one of the Change Policy of government.



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