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A New Delta is Possible, Come 2019




Fellow Deltans, yesterday marked the last rite of events for the foisted on individuals who are unfortunately going to move around the state as Chairpersons of our Local Government Councils. Before the world, the flagrant disrespect for the rule of law and the rights of the people were on a free show, in what the Ifeanyi Okowa – Led Administration called a Local Government Election. Where persons suffered intimidations of different forms, candidates of the opposition party APC, were faced with life-threatening scenarios of having their families and loved ones targeted for violence and at other cases, maimed. Before now, it is on record that elections that took place in Delta State in times past, were categorized by acts of Violence and electoral malpractice. The events of Saturday, January 6th 2018, once again reemphasized the typical unacceptable scenario, when leaders and political representatives are to be chosen in the state. In what appears to have been ab initio masterminded by the PDP led administration, one can’t help but observe the paranoia with which the elections were conducted. Cases of glaring bias and deliberate attempt to thwart the will of the people abound, with the case of Emmanuel Emmanuel Chi Oweazim Jnr , APC candidate and widely acclaimed and DSIEC acknowledged Winner for Onicha Olona Ward, Aniocha North LGA, coming as a major reference point. Similarly, the use of coercive means to secure undue advantage, as exemplified in Akumazi Umuocha, where the APC candidate under duress, cross carpeted on the day of the election, also points to the wrong light delta is being exhibited. In more stupefying instances from the far from credible electoral exercise, the declaration of APC candidates as winners, in areas where the party publicly boycotted the sham elections, clearly proves that free and fair elections are alien to the PDP hierarchy in Delta State. Prior to the elections, the vindictive treatment meted out on the APC candidates and supporters, fingers the government in a complacent disposition, with not a few citing examples from the attack on the Ika North East Deputy Chairmanship candidate and the razing of a huge farm land owned by popular APC media activist Chianugo Emeka JP, as possible pre-election warning messages. It is rather uninspiring that despite the uninterrupted 18year sojourn in power by the PDP, conducting free, fair and credible elections in the state, looks like asking for too much. The whole flawed electoral process is one big show of lack faith in their own performance so far, and the willingness of Deltans to discontinue it. Deltans, I wholeheartedly commend your show of readiness to change the sad narratives Delta state has been qualified with since 1999. Youths of the APC and young deltans, your resilience further fuels the hope that indeed, something can be done to salvage the state from the brink of failure and insolvency. A NEW DELTA STATE IS POSSIBLE. I implore you to keep faith with the Change ideology, for we must understand that it is not a mere waving of hands that will bring a turnaround, rather it is the perfect combination of exuberance, intellect, vocality and diligent patriotism, that will form the very foundation for a transformed delta state. #ANEWDELTAISPOSSIBLE. #APCTAKEOVERDELTASTATE Signed. Dr. Nwadiani Charles, Esq. Media is Powered by Omajemite Don All articles represent their respective author. He is not responsible for any Infringement in your personality. Feel free to Contact Him when needed.


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